We can help you on the golf course at charity tournaments, at school and church fundraisers, BBQ’s, community events, your local chamber of commerce and any other fundraiser you can think of! Our teams work closely with charity tournaments and golf courses year round in Arizona and Colorado.

Getting ready to plan a golf tournament? We have provided a list of steps to help you get started.

1) Form a hard working team
2) Choose a golf course
3) Set a date and time
4) Plan the format, events and menu
5) Decide on the cost
6) Solicit donors and hole sponsors
7) Obtain prizes and give-aways
8) Spread the word
9) Manage all the details

OR Hire Golf Fundraising Group to manage everything for you!

We can help you coordinate all your events, and come to your registration to raise funds right on the spot, while building fundraising tools that will continually generate donations long after your event is over.

We have partnered with Elite Events and Tournaments, Krank Golf for Charities, and Krank Golf to provide a full service approach to fundraising. Our group helped raise money for charities in over 15,000 golf tournaments last year.

GFG also helps bring revenue and new golfers to golf courses by providing free online local and national marketing. This advertising is custom designed for each organization’s specific needs and special offers.

Please contact us at 480-840-7274 or 720-546-0023 for more information. We look forward to seeing you out on the course in the near future.